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Magic G Chem. specialized in selling GBL cleaner and other cleaning products for more than 7 years .

Fast, Safety, Professionals  is our company principle . We insist to The Customer is always Correct .

In  here - Our experience and reliability have made us one of the top sellers of Gamma-butyrolactone in china with literally thousands of customers around the world.

Our star products Magic G Contains 99.99% gamma-butyrolactone  and is designed for many cleaning purposes 



Products : 500ml 99.5% GBL Cleaner   1L 99.95% GBL Cleaner   2L 99.95% GBL Cleaner   5L 99.95% GBL Cleaner 

                   10L 99.5% GBL Cleaner   15L 99.5%GBL Cleane   20L 99.5%GBL Cleaner    25L 99.5% GBL Cleaner

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