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GBL shop --Buy 500ml GBL

  • 2016-01-13

GBL Shop from china, in there, you can got cheap price gbl with best service.


1 You will get 5% discount if you can put order in January 2016 ,

2  Introduce our website to your freinds who put order sucessful then you can get 500ml sample free.

3 You will extra 500ml when you continue put 2 order .



GBL function

1, 4 - butyrolactone properties: colorless oily liquid. Fragrant smell. Has the water absorbability. Along with the water vapor volatile. Can miscibility with water. Soluble in methanol, ethanol, decomposition in hot alkali solution. Relative density (d150) 1.1286. Freezing point 43.53 ℃. The boiling point of 204 ℃. Refractive index (n25D) 1.4348. 
Purpose: gas chromatographic stationary liquid (highest use temperature 30 ℃, the solvent of methanol), separation and analysis of all kinds of hydrocarbon and oxygenated compounds, permanent gases. Synthesis of polyethylene than luo alkane ketone, DL methionine, benzyl butyrate and the acetic acid and intermediates. 


Magic G--China top one GBL cleaner supplier,You choose will never make you regret !!!!

More order details pls send me email

500ml 99.5% GBL Cleaner   1L 99.95% GBL Cleaner   2L 99.95% GBL Cleaner   5L 99.95% GBL Cleaner 

 10L 99.5% GBL Cleaner   15L 99.5%GBL Cleane   20L 99.5%GBL Cleaner    25L 99.5% GBL Cleaner


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