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Back for work ---Buy GBL And 1.4 Butanediol Online In The USA

  • 2016-02-19

China new years holiday complete , we had come back for work in FEB.15,all shipping and service back normal 

GBL is a thin liquid which is oily, has a weak odor, and is water soluble. It is actually a fairly common reagent in chemistry, and a common solvent. It can also be used as a stain remover, an aroma compound, a paint stripper, a superglue remover and as a solvent in some electrical capacitors, chiefly aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

GBL goes by different names, including GBL, butyrolactone, 1.4-lactone, 4-butyrolactone, 4-hydroxybutyric acid lactone, and also gamma-hydroxybutyric acid lactone. Its CAS number is 96-48-0 and its RTECS number is LU3500000. It can be found in samples of wines that are unadulterated, and it believed that this is how it is produced naturally. It can be synthesized from gamma-hydroxybutyric acid by removal of any water, or even by distillation. It can also be synthesized through the oxidation of tetrahydrofuran.

GBL is a chemical which has been used for years as a solvent. As a solvent, it has found many uses. It has been used in pesticides as well as for photochemical etching. It has been used in the electrolytes of small capacitors and batteries. It has been as a viscosity modifier in polyurethane. It has found a useful place in the art of surface etching metal coated plastics. Gamma-Butyrolactone has also been used in natural paint disbursement products for water soluble inks. Gamma-Butyrolactone has been used in pH regulators, in the dying of polyamide fibers and wool, and as a catalyst during curing procedures. Gamma-Butyrolactone can also be used as a curing agent for coating systems and/or urethanes and amides.

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