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GBL Graffiti Cleaner

  • 2015-12-21

GBL Graffiti cleaner is our newest additional to our already popular GBL wheel cleaning line .

Our client in U.S. came to used in an inner-city revitalization project, we never realized that the same powerful cleaning properties that makes GBL Wheel Brite Cleaner an excellent product for your car makes it an even better solution for removing unsightly graffiti from walls, sidewalks, and just about any surface.

Our 99.9% pure GBL graffiti remover will easily cut through the most stubborn magic markers, latex paint, enamels, acrylics and just about any other substance that could be used to apply graffiti in any urban or rural setting.  We have even been contacted by middle and high school administrators.  When children break into schools the vandalism almost always includes graffiti.  These messes can be costly and time consuming to clean up.  Time almost always a factor because the quicker these messes can be corrected the better.  Research has indicated that if the graffiti can be removed before the other students see it, the “celebrity factor” is removed and subsequent acts of vandalism are dramatically reduced.  We are pleased to know that our 99.9% pure GBL can meet these needs.

Products : 500ml 99.5% GBL Cleaner   1L 99.95% GBL Cleaner   2L 99.95% GBL Cleaner   5L 99.95% GBL Cleaner 

                   10L 99.5% GBL Cleaner   15L 99.5%GBL Cleane   20L 99.5%GBL Cleaner    25L 99.5% GBL Cleaner

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