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  • 2016-12-19

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Gamma - butyl inner fat 
CAS No. : 96-48-0 
Formula: C4H6O2 molecular weight: 86.1 

Appearance and properties: smells like acetone oily liquid, the boiling point 204 ℃, and water, acetone, carbon tetrachloride and ethanol mixed solution and the thermal decomposition in lye, fragrant smell. 

Main application: 
Gamma butyrolactone is a kind of important fine chemical intermediates, at the same time is also a kind of good performance of high boiling point solvents, namely the ideal antioxidant, plasticizer, extraction solvent, the absorbing agent, dispersing agent, fixing agent, curing agent. It has high boiling point, strong solvency, conductivity and good stability, convenient use and management of safety, etc. Through open loop or open loop chemical reactions that produce a variety of fine chemicals, and there are many kinds of important heterocyclic compounds, widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, synthetic resin additives, food, feed additives, dye pigment, electronic, etc. 
Packing: galvanized iron drum or polyethylene barrels, net weight 200 kg 

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